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Welcome to our Positive Coaching page for coaches, parents and athletes.

In our effort to promote Human Development in our soccer club, we are partnering with the Positive Coaching Alliance (PCA) to help us.

Below you will find links to PCA content that will help us all as we focus our efforts on teaching life lessons through youth sports. 

You’ll also find real life videos of sportsmanship in action. The videos tell the stories of athletes and coaches who honored the game and respected their opponent. In many cases, they just did the right thing at the right time.

Please share these videos with your players and children.  They serve as positive examples of good behavior in sports.


Introducing Positive Coaching Alliance : 

  • Respect for Opponents, Officials, Teammates and Self (R.O.O.T.S.): Honoring the Game
  • Learn about the importance of positive feedback and encouragement: Emotional Tanks
  • Effort, Learning and overcoming Mistakes (E.L.M.): E.L.M. Tree of Mastery
  • Free videos with insights from experienced coaches, players and experts: Free Videos




Sportsmanship in Action

High School Basketball Team Honors their Opponent 2012 National Sportsmanship Awards - Lee Gibson and Colorado Academy


Softball player belts her first-ever homerun, then tragedy strikes: A Homerun No One Will Ever Forget


High school basketball player helps an opponent in an unforgettable way: Disabled Basketball Player is Given Help by Opposing Player to Score a Shot


Danville, CA school's parents' helps their opponent after losing heart breaking gameMonte Vista High (Danville, CA) Loses Big Game, Wins in Life


High School track athlete's act of selfless sportsmanshipWinning by Finishing Last:  Meghan Vogel Story


High School Basketball team's gesture reverberates around the countryHigh School Team Honors Their Opponent During Game


Soccer coach convinces referees to disallow his own team's goal in playoff: Never a Wrong Time To Do The Right Thing


Soccer player does the right thing twice, despite referee's actionsOne Play - Two Examples of Sportsmanship in Soccer

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