Parent Policies

Parental Behavior

1. Let coaches coach: This is what they are there to do. You do not go into your child’s school and instruct your kids from the back of the room. Please treat your child’s soccer education similarly.

2. Let players play: Players are trying to apply what they are learning at practice and it is difficult to absorb multiple instructions about a specific event that is happening or has already passed, and it is also distracting and often counterproductive to the desired developmental goals.

3. Let referees ref: Yes, human error can affect a game, but yelling at them does little to change a call and can alienate them. It also sends the wrong message to our players that this behavior towards the referees is acceptable. We need to control the things that are under our control, and the referee is not one of those things.

4. Positivity: As members of the Positive Coaching Alliance we ask spectators restrain from negative comments about one’s child, another teammate, another player, the other team, their parents, the coaches or the refs. Negative comments and attitudes can negatively affect team chemistry and enjoyment.

5. Contacting the Coach: If you need to discuss something with the coach, please make an appointment. Coaches should respond to your communication within 24-hours to acknowledge your communication.   Coaches are willing to speak, answer questions, etc., but they should not be distracted from their appointed tasks. Please do not interrupt the following team’s practice by delaying the coach with questions on the field as this is neither appropriate nor respectful.

Consequences: If a parent or spectator is acting in contradiction to our club policies, we reserve the right to suspend them or expel them from a game and/or the club program. We want everyone involved to be proper role models and a good reflection of our program.

Parent Participation

Whether it is helping the coaches, the administrative staff, refereeing, team volunteer or just providing a carpool ride, parents play a very important role in the successful operation of the club.   As team volunteers, it is extremely important that when performing these tasks, parents do so in promotion of the goals of the club and not for individual agendas.  Teams are the responsibility of the Technical Directors and staff coaches, and while a parent volunteer may provide substantial assistance in administrative operations, staff coaches are the recognized authority of the team.


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