Parent Code of Conduct

Thank you for being a part of San Ramon Futbol Club. Below is our Parent Code of Conduct, which we expect you to abide by, as it will be enforced by our coaching staff and club officials. Please make sure to read through and understand that this is a condition for participation in San Ramon for 2017/2018.


  1. As a parent, I agree to support San Ramon FC in requiring the players to abide by the San Ramon FC Player Code of Conduct.
  2. I will abide by the Rules and Guidelines of San Ramon FC.
  3. I understand that part of my commitment to San Ramon Futbol Club's competitive soccer program is to devote 10-20 hours of my time during the season towards volunteerism within the team and/or club.
  4. I agree to present myself as a positive role model while representing San Ramon FC at any soccer game, tournament or training session.
  5. I agree to only praise players at any team game, tournament or training session. They will respect the fact that this game is for the players, not the parents, and will only provide positive communication from the sideline.
  6. I will refrain from any form of negative communication or confrontation with the opposing team’s parents and players.
  7. I will refrain from coaching my own or any other child during the course of a game. This includes not telling the player with the ball to “shoot”, “boot it” or “kick it”. I understand my trying to coach during the game confuses the players and harms their development.
  8. I will refrain from communicating with the referees before, during and after any game. As a parent, I will not question calls of the referee or criticize the referees under any circumstance.
  9. I will discuss any constructive concerns they have about players or the program in the following order: Coach first, General Manager second, Technical Director third, and finally with the club’s PAD Committee.
  10. I understand that the coaches, managers, and directors are dedicated to providing a quality soccer experience through training and team events. As a parent, I am committed to making every effort to get my child to all trainings and team events.
  11. The line of communication with the coaching staff: As a parent, I will always respect the coaching staff during all games and trainings. I will never question, discuss or confront the coach during or right after any game. I understand that a “24 hour” cooling off period is in effect and that I will only approach the coaching staff after 24 hours. I further understand that my child will first approach the coach to discuss any on-field issues. Should this not resolve the issue, I will set up a parent/player/coach meeting.

I agree that if I fail to abide by any of the rules listed above that I may be subject to, but not limited by the following disciplinary action:

  1. Verbal or written warning
  2. Suspension from attending games, tournaments and trainings
  3. Expulsion from the team/club

Parent Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _______________
Parent Signature: ____________________________________ Date: _______________

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